Needle winding technology

The patented needle winding technology from SMZ is unrivalled in its flexible needle swivel range.

The centrepiece of electric motor winding is the SMZ
automatic needle winding machine, which can wind
inside our outside slotted stators and thus offers the
highest flexibility with the lowest investment.
The wire nozzles can be moved to anywhere in the
space and can thus be pivoted 180° by servo motors.


Additional technical highlights:

  • High fill factor through layer winding
  • Concentrated or distributed winding
  • Adaptive loading and unloading concepts
  • Synchronous axis control
  • Automatic contacting
  • Skewed slotted winding possible
  • Flexible set-up enables easy retooling
  • Interconnect directly in the winding process
  • Possibility of winding parallel wires
  • Low tooling costs for additional types
  • SMZ nozzle design for careful wire handling

"Top class performance in innovative production solutions for electric motors worldwide"